RED Scarlet-X Cinema Camera Kit

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  • Red Scarlet-X Brain with EF Mount
  • 4 RedVolt Batteries
  • 2 EF Mount Batteries
  • 128GB (2x64GB) Red MiniMag
  • 2 V Mount Batteries

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We created this package for those who need a ready made, do-it-all Cinema kit. The package includes a Red Scarlet-X Brain, Canon EF Mount, 5″ Black Magic Assist Monitor, Red Side Handle, Red SSD Side Handle and 2 SSD (64GB each), Battery setup and SSD readers.This kit is also stellar for Video enthusiast who want to capture movements with stability and cinematic.

*Camera Bodies*
Red Scarlet-X Brain with EF Mount

Red Side Handle
BlackMagic Video Assit Monitor
2x64GB Red Mini-Mag SSD (128 GB Total Capacity)
2 Red Volt Batteries (with charger)
2 V-Mount Batteries (with charger)
Battery Mounting Plate
15mm Rails with quick Release
Cage-Mount Top Handle
Necessary Cables