Rhino Rig

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  • Machined 6061 Aluminum, ARRI compatible stainless steel rosettes, thermoplastic rubber grips, tool-less fastenersDimensions14.0 x 12.0 x 6.0″ / 355.60 x 304.80 x 152.40mmWeight6.1lbs / 2.77kg
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About Rhino Rig Full Kit

Precise, Quick Positioning 
Rhino Rig is designed to move to fit your shooting style. With over 34 stainless steel ARRI standard rosettes, every joint is made to articulate to fit your body and camera setup perfectly. Whether you’re viewing your shot through on camera LCD or through an external monitor, Rhino Rig can adjust to place the camera either in front of your eyes or over your shoulder.

Custom Fitting Shoulder Rest 
Rhino Rig’s shoulder rest has three locking segments that allow you to shape it to the size of your shoulder. Each segment has ultra soft rubber pads that distribute the weight of your setup which lets you film longer and in comfort that lasts all day.

Integrated, Removable Cage 
The Cage adds multiple hand grip options and protects your setup from damage. Use the top handle to get a low-to-the-ground shot or to carry your rig around set. The top of the cage features two built in cold shoes and multiple 1/4-20 and 3/4-16 mounting holes for mounting accessories like mics and external monitors

Built in Carbon Fiber Rails 
Mount accessories like a matte box or follow focus to Rhino Rig using the built industry standard 15mm rails. Made of precision ground carbon fiber, they are super rigid and work with any accessory designed around the 15mm standard (spaced 60mm apart).

Easy Camera Mounting 
Mounting your camera to Rhino Rig is easy. Two mounting screws are included (1/4-20 and 3/4-16). Most cameras use just the 1/4-20 but some use both for securely mounting your camera. Once the screw is hand tight, use the built in tightening bar to lock down your camera for the day

Custom Molded Hand-Grips 
The custom molded hand grips on Rhino Rig are like no other. Using the best thermoplastic rubber imported from Germany, the grips repel sweat and let you carry your rig confidently. They are also adjustable and can mount directly to the baseplate if you want a more compact setup.