Wireless Follow Focus Lens Controller by Lenzhound

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  • Single Axis Motor Control
  • Long Battery Life
  • 4 Store and Recall Positions
  • 81 Selectable 2.4GHZ Wireless Channels
  • Belt Configurations
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The Lenzhound Wireless Lens Motor System is an electronic follow focus system aimed to meet the needs of professionals and independent filmmakers alike. With the plethora of gimbals, stabilizers, and jibs having the ability to control your lens remotely is a necessity.

This kit is perfect for DSLR users with photography lenses that do not have 32-pitch teeth on the focus ring. No dealing with the hassle of lens ring adapters. Direct drive your lens with this wireless follow focus system.

Power can be supplied by a range of sources such as D-tap/P-tap on Aunton Baurer style batteries and gimbals using a D-tap to DC adapter, as well as many 12V battery packs.

This kit includes the following item:
• RTX-1 Single Axis Controller Unit
• DB-1 Receiver Motor Unit
• Full set of 4 drive-belts & pulley
• Latex Lens bands
• Marking Disc marker
• miniUSB cable

System Features:
• 81 selectable 2.4GHz wireless channels
• Up to 100 meters line-of-sight range
• Efficient power management for long battery life
• Tune speed parameters
• Configure for time lapses
• Open Source and Arduino compatible

Controller Features:
• Large, industry style, primary focus knob
• White distance marking disk
• Uses four AAA batteries
• 4 Store and Recall buttons

Receiver Features:
• Works with industry standard 15mm iris rod systems
• Leightweight (334 grams)
• 2.1mm (OD) DC Jack offers flexible power – onboard DC jack can accept 7-16V safely
• No rotation limit, map the largest of lenses

* Battery pack and power adapters sold separate.