Kessler Crane KC-8 Crane Jib System

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 50 AED Unit Price

Key Features
  • Dual Support Rail Design
  • Aluminum Jib Arm Construction
  • 25 lb Load Capacity
  • Invertible Camera Platform
  • 5.5′ Fulcrum to Camera Platform Distance
  • Mounts Onto Your Tripod Release Plate
  • Internal Sleeve Bearings
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The KC-8 Crane from Kessler Crane is a lightweight camera crane system. It features anodized aluminum construction with dual support rails that make the crane twist resistant. An invertible camera platform enables standard or underslung camera capability. With 360° of horizontal rotation and a height range of 11′, the KC-8 Crane can be used to capture sweeping cinematic shots that you can’t get by just raising your camera in your arm.

The KC-8 mounts to your tripod head’s release plate for mounting on your tripod. The internal sleeve bearings provide smooth boom up and down action independent of your tripod head. The adjustable weight bar allows you to adjust the balance of your camera on the crane using readily available (but not included) household weight. The crane is very portable and is easily broken down for transportation or storage.

Tilt Control

Manual, fixed-angle and automatic tilt control

Adjustable Weight Bar

Allows you to adjust the balance of the rig on the fly. Weights can be added or removed (remember to secure and safety the rig before adding or removing weights), and the weight bar can be slid fore and back to fine tune your crane’s performance.

Portable Disassembly

The crane is easy to disassemble.