Neewer BP-150WS 150Wh Battery with D-Tap Charger (V-Mount)

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 30 AED Unit Price

Key Features
  • 150Wh 10,400mAh V-Mount Battery
  • D-Tap Input & D-Tap Charger with Cable
  • 10A Maximum Load
  • Compact Form for Cameras & Accessories
  • Built-In Circuit Protection
  • USB Type-A Output to Power Accessories
  • For Camcorders & LED Lights
Day based pricing : Nano V-Lock Battery 99 Watt Hours
30 AED / days

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Add long-lasting battery power to your professional video, photo, or lighting kit with the V-mount BP-150WS 150Wh Battery with D-Tap Charger from Neewer. The compact design and 14.8V output make it suitable for use with a wide range of cameras, LED lights, and accessories, while the built-in circuit protection ensures that the battery is protected from short circuit, overvoltage, overheating, and any other adverse electrical conditions.

An integrated 5V/2.1A USB Type-A port provides charging options for your smartphone, tablet, and other accessories, while the included D-Tap charger allows for rapid recharging via the battery’s D-Tap port.

High Battery Capacity

With a high capacity of 150Wh (10.400mAh) and a maximum load of 10A, the battery provides sufficient battery power for lengthy filmmaking, video, and photography projects. Check the battery by pressing the battery capacity display button, and the four blue LED indicators will show the remaining battery level.

Longer Battery Lifespan

Made from lithium-ion polymer, the battery supports around 500 charges in its charge-discharge cycle. The built-in circuit protection against overcharge, overheating, short circuits, and power surges will ensure a long-lasting service time.

D-Tap Charging

The battery features a D-Tap port for charging the battery itself and a 5V/2.1A USB port for charging mobile devices. The UL-certified D-Tap adapter with a 16.8V/2A output can fully charge the V-mount battery in a short time with ultimate safety.

Vast Compatibility

The battery is compatible with a wide variety of professional video cameras, camcorders, and LED video lights, including Sony HVR-S270C, PMW-EX330K, PMW-EX330L, PMW-580K, PMW580L, PDW-680, PDW-700, PDW-850, PMW-TD300, HDW-F900R, HDW-680, HDW-800P, PMW-F55, PMW-F5, BMPCC 4K&6K, ARRI Alexa Mini, and more.