Rhino Shoulder Rig for DSLR, BMCC, Alexa Mini & RED Cameras

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The new definition of camera rigs. The first completely modular, fully-adjustable, camera-specific shoulder rig. It’s the one rig you’ll use with every type of camera for every style of shot.

Film makers have a tough choice, they either get by using one rig for all their shots and camera setups, or are forced to use multiple rigs to get all the shots they need. We decided to change that by re-inventing the shoulder rig platform to fit every camera for every type of shot.

To truly innovate the shoulder rig, we engineered it from the ground up. The Rhino Rig is made up of four interchangeable components: the Base Kit, the Rail System, the Cage, and the Rhino Rest.

Every Rhino Rig starts with the Base Kit which includes fully-articulating, ARRI standard rosetted hand grips, and an adjustable buttstock. The hand grips can mount directly to the base plate for a truly compact rig.

To take it a step further we designed the Cage to protect your camera, give you additional holding options, and customize your rig with mics, monitors, and other accessories.

The two cage hand-grips articulate forward and backward to properly position cables and accessories.

The top handle makes it easy to shoot low to the ground and carry/pick up your rig

For ultimate comfort and customization, we created the first ever fully-articulating shoulder rest. We added more functionality to the Rhino Rest by adding seven accessory mounting locations. The optional 3lb counterweight doubles as a battery plate that accepts V-mount and 3-stud.

Any one of these components can be configured individually for a truly modular setup. You can take off the hand grips completely and just use the Cage and butt-stock for a compact run and gun setup. If you’re using a Canon C100 or C300 you can remove the Cage and add the Rail System to mount any standard follow focus or matte box. Add the custom fitting Rhino Rest to any setup for the most comfortable shoulder rest solution on the market.