Libec RS-450 Tripod Kit, with RH45 Head

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Day based pricing : Libec Video Tripod with RH45R head
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The Libec RS-450 Tripod features ideal counterbalance. The complete counterbalance make it possible to stop the camera precisely at any tilt angle within the range of 4.5 to 1 0.5kg / 10 to 23 lbs weight on board. The new mechanism of the drag system makes for a quantum leap in operability when panning or tilting. There is also a significant reduction in the wobbling of the image that occurs with panning at the start of shooting, as well as in the backlash that occurs at the end of panning. The low temperature characteristics represent a giant leap forward compared to conventional sets. Use this unit at temperature as low as -40 degrees C to -40 degrees F. Ordinary torque performance is demonstrated even in frigid climates.