Lectrosonics UCR211 & UM200c Wireless Lav mic system

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– No pre-emphasis/de-emphasis
– Pilot tone squelch
– Wide-band deviation
– Long battery life
– Frequency agility

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The UCR211 is a portable, high performance, triple conversion, frequency synthesized, UHF receiver fully compatible with all Lectrosonics 200 series transmitters.

The RF performance is extremely stable over a very wide temperature range, making the UCR211 perfectly suited to the rough environmental conditions found in the field. The proprietary audio processing includes a dual band compandor for very low distortion and a superior
signal to noise ratio. The Smart Squelch system is operated by a pilot tone and mutes the audio output directly at the output connector.

The UCR211 features a menu-driven LCD graphic display and a three button control panel as a convenient means of viewing and altering user settings. The Main Window, for example, shows the pilot tone indicator, antenna diversity phase, RF level, audio level, receiver
battery status and transmitter battery status. It is also possible to bypass the pilot tone from the Main Window.

Other display windows show operating frequency, audio output level, battery status in tenths of volts, test tone status and provide for selection of levels or functions using the select buttons. The frequency scan mode provides a graphical means of observing all signals “on
the air” within the frequency range of the receiver in order to find operating frequencies that are free of interference.

The UM200C transmitter is a high performance synthesized UHF design that offers the frequency agility needed to alleviate interference and frequency coordination problems in travelling applications. Interference caused by television broadcasts and other radio equipment can easily be avoided with 256 available frequencies selected in 100kHz steps with two rotary switches on the side panel.