Schoeps CMC54S Set Cardioid Microphone Set

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Key Features
  • Dialog Boompole Microphone
  • Includes CMC 5 Amplifier
  • Includes MK 4S Cardioid Capsule
  • 48V Phantom Power
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Popular among professional field audio engineers, the gray Schoeps CMC54S Set is a Colette Series modular microphone system featuring the CMC 5 preamplifier and MK 4S cardioid capsule for a high-quality alternative to shotgun microphones when recording dialog and sound effects indoors. The system is based on the modular CMC 5 preamplifier and MK series capsules, which are capable of wide, linear frequency response curves and superior audio quality. This system includes the CMC 5 preamplifier and a MK 4S capsule.

The CMC 5 preamplifier features Class-A transformerless electronics, resulting in a low noise floor and light weight. The high-impedance input signal of the modular capsules are accurately converted to low-impedance energy, allowing for long cable runs without noise and radio-frequency interference.

The MK 4S capsule is a Cardioid condenser capsule with a wide frequency range and high SPL handling. The cardioid capsule is effective in minimizing noise and ambient audio at the off-axis sections of the microphone capsule. The microphone system is optimized for crucial capturing of dialog and ambience for film, professional video, and professional audio applications.

Modular Design

The CMC 5 is designed to be used with any of the Schoeps Colette series modular capsules. The capsules provide various polar patterns and frequency response curves.

Wide Frequency Response

The CMC 5 modular preamplifier features transformerless Class-A electronics that result in a linear, transparent frequency response.

Superior Sound Characteristics

The superior quality of the capsule and preamplifier result in detailed, pristine audio quality with a very low noise floor.