Lectrosonics UCR200d and UM200b Wireless Lav Mic system

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The UCR200D is a portable, high performance, dual-conversion,
frequency synthesized, UHF receiver. The RF performance is
extremely stable over a very wide temperature range, making the
UCR200D perfectly suited to the rough environmental conditions
found in the field. The proprietary audio processing includes a
dual-band compandor for very low distortion and a superior signal
to noise ratio. The squelch system is operated by a separate pilot
tone and mutes the audio output directly at the output connector.
The audio output is calibrated for exact level matching, with a ten
LED bar graph meter.

The 200 system uses 75kHz wide deviation for an extremely high signal to noise ratio. The transmitter circuits are all
regulated to allow full output power from the beginning (9 Volts) to the end (6.5 Volts) of battery life. The input amplifier
uses a Motorola 33078 op amp for ultra low noise operation. It is gain controlled with a wide range input compressor
which cleanly limits input signal peaks over 30dB above full modulation.